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Our continued growth has only been possible through the help of many private and institutional lenders. We have spent a great deal of time carefully selecting our projects and as a result we are able to manage our projects without many of the funding issues that other developers face.

We believe in a relationship based on transparency and have attached our profit and loss statements to 130 properties

A select group of properties remain private due to partnership agreements with other investors

If you are a lender or private investor and wish to see our financials, please email or call us to request the login and password.

in acquired and sold assets
Completed renovation projects
Private money loans reconveyed

100% of loans reconveyed

We understand how important it is to build trust in this business. Our track record has helped us to create a solid foundation with our private lenders

1245 S. Winchester Blvd Suite 207, San Jose, CA 95128.

  • (408) 785-0888

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